Other services


Preliminary investment consultancy meeting

  • Personalized investment oversight process
  • Mapping the investor profile. This is based on your answers to the initial questionnaire on our website and geared to determining your needs as an investor. This helps in structuring an investment strategy which corresponds to your investment objectives.
  • Accessibilizing a broad spectrum of real estate investment options in Greece.
  • Project financing options.
  • Legal consultancy and opinion on transactions from a leading Israeli law firm operating in Greece.


Accessibility of investments in entrepreneurial projects

For several years now, the Greek Home Group has been a partner in promoting real estate projects (focusing on Thessaloniki and Crete first) and is making entrepreneurial projects accessible to its community of investors in two main routes:

Partnership in shares of the property / project company

  • .Purchasing shares in an entrepreneurial project for rights to profits. Investors joining this track are entitled to a preferential annual yield.

Purchase an ‘off plan’ apartments 

  • .You can purchase an ‘off plan’ apartment and enjoy a significant increase in value until delivery, favorable payment terms, full collateral, accompaniment of an Israeli law firm and after delivery – current return (recommended!)


Investment Management Services

  • Buy your property from the comfort of your home sofa. We can manage the necessary services to make your transaction happen smoothly.
  • Opening your local Greek bank account.
  • Applying for and receiving a local Greek taxation number.
  • .Renovating and managing the renovation
  • Finding renters and closing rental contracts.
  • Ongoing management: rent collection, maintenance, services required by renters.


Second hand properties

  • An apartment in the investor’s name.
  • Ongoing rental income (with expectations of value increase).
  • The option of self-management or full property management provided by The ‘Greek House’.
  • Large stock of some 1500 properties in Thessaloniki, many with exclusive rights
  • Additional properties in Halkidiki, Crete, Lesbos, Lefkada and other Greek islands.

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  1. Contact us at The ‘Greek House’ and together, we’ll look for the property that addresses your investment needs from our database of options. We have well over 1,000 second hand and new apartments listed. 
  2. Meet our Attorney who provides The ‘Greek House’ with consultancy, sign the power of attorney, and transfer the retainer fee which will be held in trust, to be used against the purchase price.
  3. We produce a report showing the apartment’s technical and financial details and forward it to you.
  4. Our Attorney will produce a tax number in Greece for you. This is necessary in order to purchase property in Greece.
  5. Complete payment for the apartment, and its registration on your name and in the Greek Land Registration Authority, with the Greek notary.
  6. If you wish to take advantage of these additional services, we will be happy to assist with:
  • Oversight on renovations.
  • Finding renters.
  • Maintenance of your property.
  • Selling your property.
  • Opening your bank account.

Our services cover more than locating a suitable property for you. Ask us and we’ll be happy to offer more details.


Golden Visa

  • Full support up to issue:
  • ocating the property suited to the criteria enabling receipt of a visa, closing the transaction if needed Retrospective visa issue handling for investors who independently purchased property.
  • Legal support for receiving a Greek taxation number.
  • Managing transfer of investment funds relative to the local Greek bank.
  • Representation before Greek authorities.