About the Group

  The ‘Greek House’ is entrepreneurial group in the field    of real estate. The Greek House operates in
Thessaloniki, Greece, specializing in identifying
opportunities and executing them with minimum risk
and maximum return.

The ‘Greek House’ works with it’s Nostro and also with world-wide high-net-individuals investors.

The ‘Greek House’ uses it’s extensive local knowledge in order to have the financial covenants.

The ‘Greek House’ operates in Greece since 2017.


Detection and execution of quality investments in the field of residential real estate and commercial real estate in           Thessaloniki, Greece.

The ’Greek House’ provides a broad and comprehensive set of services to high-net-investors, enables convenient
property purchases in Greece from abroad.

The ‘Greek House’ provides added value for it’s partners and cooperators.

We find Greece as a prime market for real estate opportunities.

It is the perfect place for the ideal lifestyle and a second home for us.


       The Greek House partners are varied. Among them are:

           High net individuals

           Credited Investors

           Family offices

           Foreign and local funds

           Foreign and local bank

           Foreign Investors