Thessaloniki | Ptolemeon 20

The project

Purchase of a residential building comprising 7 floors above a commercial level. Total: 1600 sq.m. Located in the city center adjacent to a metro station.


Following renovation and upgrades, the planned 41 apartments will be long term rented to students, and some sold to end clients. The commercial level has been rented to a café. The building’s entrance will be via the commercial level. The café will also be able to provide breakfasts to short term renters.

Project status

The building has been purchased and 100% of its apartments sold to investors. These apartments have been registered in their names. A handful of final apartments remain to be sold. Renovations will commence in January 2021.

The location

Ptolomeon Street is adjacent to the city’s central junction formed by Egnatia Street crossing Venozelous Street. It is a few dozen meters from the nearby metro station where the main line runs. The streets urban renewal and the upgrading shops are a big draw for students, and people who enjoy the eclectic mix of design, history and architecture. The region is becoming one of the city’s hottest residential spots.


The ancient Modiano market is at the heart of the city’s new zoning and is experiencing strong development, rehabilitation and urban renewal. Much like the markets of other central cities worldwide, Modiano is becoming a major center for shopping, entertainment, and bohemian culture. it integrates booths and stalls with chef’s restaurants, intimate cafés of different atmospheres, boutique stores and neighborhood bars, designer and artists’ galleries and, of course, authentic taverns with their singers and musicians.

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