Mantzarou Sea View Apartments

The Mantzarou sea view apartments project is a new construction project of an 8-story building in a central location in the city, overlooking the sea and including 27 spacious and well-designed luxury apartments.

The apartments have peripheral balconies with a panoramic view of the sea, the planned Holocaust museum in the city and the open space bordering the building in front of the ONE SALONICA mall.

The West area is the renewed Soho area of the city, characterized by a large number of projects that are under renovation (some of them by the ‘Greek House’ group) alongside new construction starts on empty lots.

The public area in front of the building that cannot be built on creates an open view and high visibility to the building from anywhere.

The access roads to the building and the area are very convenient due to the proximity to the main road.

17 Apartments

8 Floors

Parking spaces