Property Management Services

At the ‘Greek House’ group, our aftersales-property management team will professionally manage your property either selected for personal use or for rental investment purposes, giving the owner a peace of mind that their property is being taking care off at the highest standard.

Taking the world of real estate into the future

Our company constantly brings technological innovation into the world of traditional real estate with the goal of producing a modern product that has a long lifespan and benefits for our clients.

* Creating collaborations with Israel-based ‘PropTech’  (Property Technology) companies – smart doors, ventilation of spaces, use of innovative materials, etc.

* Advanced online user interface app – our management work is based on a mobile application that allows us as a group to receive an up-to-date full picture and data and on the other hand for tenants to pay rent online easily, report faults and call service personnel accordingly as well as receive a package of required supplementary services.

* The management of our projects together with the local team takes place on the MONDAY CRM SYSTEM platform and everyone can see online the project stage using maximum automation.

* Working with modern contracting companies that work with green standards and integrating energy-saving solutions in all our buildings.