Soho Building

The SOHO BUILDING project is a project of designed apartments in a central location in the city with a view of a public area open to the port and the sea.

The project is located adjacent to the central ONE SALONICA mall and in front of the plot is planned to be built the  Holocaust museum.

The project includes 25 apartments of varying sizes suitable for diverse audiences as well as a common roof overlooking the harbor.

The apartments include custom designed furniture and a wide range of electrical products.

The IBERICO chef’s restaurant operates in the adjacent building, which attracts affluent revelers to the area in the evenings even after closing hours of the shopping centers

Next to the building, the ‘Greek House’ group is building a new residential building rising to a height of 8 floors and two other urban renewal projects.

25 Apartments

1 commercial space

4 Floors

Shared roof terrace