Thessaloniki | One Salonica – coming soon

Residential - the port - coming soon

The project

The ‘Greek House’ Group is initiating real estate project in the SOHO of the city of Thessaloniki, Greece.

The Group is renovating an industrial building with high ceilings and lots of charm. The building is planned for 24 residential apartments, a commercial floor and a roof-top overlooking the sea. More details coming soon.

Project status

Planning completed.

Construction will start during 2022.

The location

The port of Thessaloniki.

The building is located close to the port of Thessaloniki, just 5 minutes walking from the court house and from Ladadika square.

The area is going to change its face in about 2-3 years and will be the next SOHO of the city.

From one side – the open view to the sea and from the other one – urban view



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